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Lake Jackson is a small town in Lake Jackson, Texas, north of Austin, Texas, about 30 miles south of Houston. It includes the new town, which is operated by the LakeJackson Company, as well as a number of other small towns in the area.

The village was founded in 1943 and founded in April 1944. In 1945 it was given a post office, which at that time became part of the expanding industrial area of Brazosport. Business initially grew slowly, but steadily grew in the 1960s and 1970s. The city attracted a number of small businesses, including a grocery store and a gas station. In 1976, a regional shopping center opened within the city limits, and the completion of a South Freeway accelerated growth in the area, as did the opening of Lake Jackson High School in 1979.

When the plantation fell into disrepair, the area became a black community that still had a single school with a teacher in 1937. In 1954, residents voted to become part of the Lake Jackson Independent School District, and eighteen churches operated in the congregation. In the 1980 "s, Hispanics made up about one-third of the population and about two-thirds of the population. Dow, which focuses on housing for workers, left room for private development and encouraged LakeJackson to become more than just a corporate town.

The first school, opened in 1943, offered classes up to eighth grade, and the number of businesses doubled in the 1970 "s, when Lake Jackson had a population of about 1,500 and an average annual income of $25,000.

Originally 80 slaves were used to produce cotton, sugar and corn, but later, after Jackson's death in 1861, the convict workers "labor was used to grow sugar. The plantation was bought by William H. Jackson, a wealthy Texas businessman and son of a former slave owner.

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More About Lake Jackson

More About Lake Jackson