Lake Jackson Texas Restaurants

After several months of a coronavirus pandemic, restaurants in Lake Jackson, Texas, are considering a pot-water advisory that began last week and could last several days. Late Friday night, Brazoria County authorities issued a recommendation covering nine Texas Gulf Coast towns, including LakeJackson, Freeport, Angleton and Rosenberg.

After the advisory board was downgraded, Robinson decided to keep the popular Asiel's closed Saturday for breakfast and brunch.

Staff there can't use the soda plant at the moment, so Robinson bought bottled soda from his dealer and his staff are filling gallons of fresh water at Poly Pop to use all day. City officials are working on a plan to flush and disinfect the water system, but for now it remains under the blanket. The warning could be lifted if the water tested consistently negative for amoeba, he said.

It's unclear how long that could take, but Robinson said he's heard it could take up to 60 days. Now in its eighth month, the pandemic is making employees used to rolling with the punches, he said.

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Audra Robinson owns two restaurants, Poly Pop and Asiel's, both in Lake Jackson, Texas, and both are owned by Audras Robinson. Robinson is lucky in that both restaurants are only a mile apart, but are in different communities and therefore use different water sources. The extra costs would be added because neighbouring restaurants could not cope with the extra precautions. Poly-Pop, often referred to as "brain-eating amoeba," is a naturally occurring organism found in fresh, warm water.

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