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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is in Lake Jackson this week to provide an update on the deadly amoeba Naeglera Fowleri, which has been found in the city's water supply for the first time in more than a decade. Abbott issued a disaster declaration for Brazoria County on Tuesday, August 1, to warn residents of LakeJackson that the amOebA has found its way into the city's drinking water system.

Lake Jackson immediately shut down the squirting pads on September 8 and found a private laboratory to test five gallons of water samples for the amoeba. The McIntyre family informed investigators and a water sample taken from the Splash Pad on Lake Jackson on Friday, September 8, returned positive results for amOebA.

If something is happening near you that people in your neighborhood need to know today, why not send it to If you are aware of a particular need at this time and would like to serve as a food collection and delivery service, please email serving _ Groceries _ Gospel _ Ministry @ Or call the church office (979 - 297 - 2496) and leave a voicemail with your prompt. You are not an elderly person, you are not a person with a serious underlying health disorder and you have other creative ways of serving others.

Let us love our Church, our families and our community and serve them through benevolence, resources and other means. Please make sure you contact us regarding your financial needs as we hope to serve you and your family as well as the church with charitable funds or other resources.

We ask God to protect our missionaries and their families throughout the world as we use this global crisis as an opportunity to proclaim God's Good News to the whole world. Let us continue to be as God has called us to be and to strive to make God know us and to know God.

Our recommendation is that we honor God by submitting to government agencies and loving each other and each other as we try to slow the spread of this virus. We should try to take other measures to slow the spread of the virus and pray for the things that will follow. We pray that you have the wisdom to determine the best course of action for prevention and care.

At the same time, we would like to highlight some guidelines that directly influence the decisions we make as church leaders regarding rosters. All changes to the timetable for regular ministries should be assessed according to the guidelines provided to government agencies.

Note: Please remain faithful to your gifts as long as your office is closed and the church activities are suspended. Stay in touch with the church leadership, check incoming calls, church emails, and answer emails and phone calls while church offices are closed. Please have your phone with you so you can hear the text when you ask for AMEN. This will help you to stay connected and also pray to interact with each other.

While the church offices remain closed, the staff will continue to serve and serve the church family and look forward to God's new and exciting way of working during this time. While normal ministry is suspended, God will open up new ways for him to serve in community after community.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, God is at work and I truly believe that he is doing unique and powerful things, while the Church continues to know him and to make him known to us in these difficult and difficult days. Make no mistake, we are called according to God's purpose and He loves us and works in us. In his mercy, I ask God to stop this pandemic and to save lives in places that are not medically equipped to deal with the virus.

For those who are not affected and unaffected, I encourage you to continue to give as much as you can for your tithes and gifts, so that we may continue to serve our Church, family and community. You can drop by and request an envelope, which can be delivered by post or picked up at the church office. For those of you who have been affected and are not affected, please give what you can give, be it the tithe or the sacrifice.

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More About Lake Jackson