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In November 2016, the Brazosport Center for Arts and Sciences celebrated its 40th anniversary. Founded in 1976, the company is located in the heart of Lake Jackson, Texas, at the intersection of Interstate 35 and Brazoport Road, offering a variety of educational and entertainment opportunities.

The Centre for Art and Sciences offers youth workshops and a variety of educational programmes for children and adults. The Brazosport School District, a public school district in Lake Jackson, Texas, encourages students to visit the Center for Arts and Sciences. The 11th and 12th graders of BISD can attend an astronomy course that meets at the planetarium two days a week. It offers the possibility of organizing an annual summer camp for students in grades 6-12 with a focus on science, technology, technology and mathematics.

The main museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays (Monday - Friday) and closed on Sundays and Mondays. The Art Gallery and the Art Centre are open on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm and on Monday and Tuesday from 4 pm to 7 pm. Classical Kids offers students from the Brazosport area, aged 8 to 18, the opportunity to audition for a live concert, which will also be broadcast on BCTV, and to work with the Brazoport Music Faculty.

Lake Jackson Texas Art Museum and Art Centre are both free and open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed Sundays and Mondays.

The museum is rented and has a 2400 square meter rotunda that seats 200 standing and 150. The facility is owned and operated by the Lake Jackson Texas Art Museum and Art Centre Board of Directors and is therefore operated exclusively by volunteers, with the exception of a small staff. While the shows in the lobby are free, there is a fee for participation in the shows, as well as admission to the museum itself.

The library is operated by the Lake Jackson Texas Art Museum and Art Centre Board of Directors and the University of Texas Library in Austin.

Special activities are held to attract new members and raise funds, including the annual Lake Jackson Texas Art Museum and Art Centre Festival. Programmes, lectures and demonstrations by local and nationally renowned artists are always public and always have been and are open and public even in the summer months. New galleries are opened every year, with volunteers opening the galleries to the public. Among the exhibits are local, national and internationally renowned artists as well as guest artists whose works are known throughout the country. Special activities include exhibitions, special events, educational programs and events for children and adults.

The President appoints six coordinators, each with a special committee, and leaves the activities of the museum and art center and its activities to the President.

The scholarship program for high school began in 2006 and culminated in a short presentation to the participants in spring 2007. The Brazosport College Graduate Scholarships have also been pooled to cover and support college costs. As the league grows and community service expands, we will increase the number of scholarships for high school students and for local colleges and universities.

Lake Jackson is now the center of the Lake Jackson Texas Art League, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. We focus on arts, education and community service in the communities of Lake Jaxon, Brazosport and Houston.

In 2008, the Board of Directors decided that the winner of the Bruce Good Scholarship, a cash prize selected by the Art League's board of directors, would be the Bruce Good Scholarship recipient. In addition, various artists have given to elementary school children through the Lake Jackson Texas Arts League in recent years. We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County, which supports the construction of low-income homes in Lake Jaxon, Brazosport and Houston. The Board and the members of the Board are elected by a vote of members.

The town of Lake Jackson was incorporated on March 14, 1944 and elected to rule the house ten years later, in 1954. The city's first mayor, John E. Ellis Jr., was born and spent his childhood in LakeJackson.

Twenty percent of households are individuals, 23.4 percent are non-family, and 8.5 percent have a housekeeper without a husband. 42.6% of the population are children under 18 years of age, of which 64.7% are cohabiting couples, 7.3% are single people aged 65 or over, 6.8% are living with a child under 18, 4.2% are not living with children, 8% are living in single parent households, 2.1% are single parents with children over 18 years of age. The median income for households in the city is $60,901 and the median income for families is $69,053. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the poverty line in Lake Jackson, Texas, was $14,843 for a family of four in 2010, including median household income of $24,921 in 2010 and $18,711 for an individual.

More About Lake Jackson

More About Lake Jackson